The Management and Administration of IsDB-BISEW

The management and administration of the IsDB-BISEW has been vested on a Committee of Mutawallis constituted by six members of which, three members represent the Government of Bangladesh while the other three members come from the Islamic Development Bank.

The office of IsDB-BISEW is responsible for management and administration, planning and implementation of the projects and also for operation and management of wakf properties and assets.

Formation of Committee of Mutawallis

The Committee of Mutawallis shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and four other members. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be nominated by the Bank and the Government by rotation so that if in any particular term the Chairman is nominated by the Bank, the Vice-Chairman shall, for that term, be nominated by the Government and if for any particular term the Chairman is nominated by the Government, the Vice-Chairman shall, for that term, be nominated by the Bank. Of the four other members, two will be nominated by the Bank and the other two will be nominated by the Government. The tenure of the Committee is for 3 (three) years.

The objectives and purposes of IsDB-BISEW

IsDB-BISEW undertakes funding, formulating and implementing of projects in the areas of education, human resource development and institutional strengthening.

The intent is to gradually transform the large population into productive workforce by strengthening their technical capability to use existing and emerging technologies resulting in sustainable economic growth and equality. 

Resources of IsDB-BISEW

IsDB-BISEW generates its revenue by renting out commercial spaces of IDB Bhaban, a 20-storied building and a 4-storied shopping complex.

IDB Bhaban has become the “land mark” of Dhaka city because of the best possible tenants under one roof and establishing one of a kind of computer market in the shopping complex. Highest standard of operation and management of the complex in order to retain international, multinational organizations to ensure uninterrupted flow of rental income so to maintain projects operation pursuing IsDB-BISEW’s objectives.



What We Do

IT Scholarship Programme

IT Scholarship Programme

The objective of the programme is to enhance the employment prospects of Muslim youths (who come from financially disadvantaged background) from different non-IT backgrounds like Science, Humanities, Business and Madrasah. The programme imparts one-year long...

Vocational Training Programme

Vocational Training Programme

IsDB-BISEW has undertaken demand-driven vocational trade training programme targeting the young populace (Dropouts after 8 years of schooling, class VIII standard) who are not attached with formal education system and are financially challenged. The objective...

Madrasah Education Programme

Madrasah Education Programme

Under the Madrasah Programme, Dakhil (Vocational) courses under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) have been introduced in 6 (six) Madrasahs after construction of complete academic building and vocational workshop with furniture, science lab and apparatus...

4-Year Diploma Scholarship Programme

4-Year Diploma Scholarship Programme

The 4-Year Diploma Scholarship Programme under Government Polytechnic Institutes has commenced in the academic year 2016. The foremost objective of the programme is to empower Madrasah programme beneficiaries with right set of technical skills that...

Orphanage Programme

Orphanage Programme

IsDB-BISEW has established a two-storied orphanage in order to fulfil its objective “To support, develop and maintain orphanages in Bangladesh”. The Orphanage has capacity of providing active services to 100 orphans at a time.  


Construction of IDB Bhaban-2

Construction of IDB Bhaban-2

Construction of IDB Bhaban-2 comprising of Multi-Storied Twin Tower and 4-Storied Multi-Purpose Business Center with common 3-Level Basement at Agargaon Administrative Area, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Outputs, Outcome, Impact

IsDB-BISEW has been operating a number of educational programmes for the underprivileged Muslim youth since 2003. Meanwhile, the programmes have earned enormous reputation and success in local and overseas job markets. All the programmes have been maintaining an average of 92% direct job placement of beneficiaries. It is really appreciable and praiseworthy contribution towards the economy of Bangladesh and strongly recommended for continuing the programmes in broader and extended domain.

Project Evaluation

The IsDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project has been rated by a Third-Party Evaluation as "Really appreciable and praiseworthy contribution towards the economy or Bangladesh and underprivileged Muslim Youths and strongly recommended for continuing tne program ln broader and extended domain".

The IsDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project, as stated in the BUET Evaluation report -"The IsDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project has been producing highly competent Il workforce for the job market. The evaluation of the project reveals that the qualifications and competencies obtained by completion of the training are officially authorized through the lDB-Bl1SEW certificate and vendor certifications both of which are non-academic in nature. Rather a professional certification/diploma from an academic institution and/or accreditation from an authorized educational body will add more value both for the trainees and the project. This evaluation, therefore, strongly recommends that the IsDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project undertake the necessary steps to seek endorsement of its training program from a suitable educational body authorized to confer such qualification"; and

The IsDB-BISEW Madrasah Project has been rated in a Third-Party evaluation in the following terms- "The initiative of undertaking Madrasah project and introducing Dakhil (Vocational) program is highly appreciable and its close monitoring system is ensuring quality education".

Recognition by IsDB, Jeddah

IsDB's evaluation of the IsDB-BISEW project "Project s good implementation, its satisfactory operational performance and sustainability, the project is rated as successful"; and

IsDB arranged a study visit program for WAQF BID-GUINEE for sharing valuable cognizance and rich experiences of IsDB-BISEW.

Future Expansion Plan

A plot of land has been purchased measuring 2 (two) acres located in the Agargaon Administrative Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh for setting up an installation befitting with its purposes and objectives of IsDB-BISEW with the enhanced capacity.

IsDB-BISEW meanwhile engaged a consulting firm to carry out a feasibility study to review various possible options for utilizing the land. The purpose of the study is to determine the best possible option reviewing the outcome of the study and the reasons && considerations for and against a proposition. The study is in progress now.

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