Fire Fighting Capabilities of IDB Bhaban

  • IDB Bhaban has got computer controlled fire alarm system by which with in the building (at any floor) if there is an outbreak of fire instantly the origin of fire can be detected at any corner of any floor. A 24/7 monitoring system is in place for this purpose.
  • IDB Bhaban has got sound system by which every floor occupants can hear the Siren and also the verbal instructions from IDB authority.
  • Every floor of IDB Bhaban has got two Fire Hydrants and at each Fire Hydrant point there are two Fire Extinguishers (4.5 kg - A, B, C & E type).
  • IDB Bhaban has got a huge water preserver connected with three designated powerful motors (connected with backup generator) by which all the Fire Hydrants of the building can be activated. Stage by stage with the operation of the Fire Hydrants the designated motors would start automatically one after another. Every Fire Hydrant with its 30 meters of hose pipe (fire resistant) can spray water with huge pressure up to 100 feet. Moreover, The building has got 2 (two) deep tube-well connected with the stand-by generator and can maintain water level in the reservoir of 85,000 gallons (310,000 liter) during firefighting operation.
  • Each Floor of IDB Bhaban has got two fire escape routes (one on the east and the other on the west side of the building) which connect the ground floor and the basement of the building through stair cases. Each fire escape route is guarded by a fire resistant strong door (the door has got panic bar and a peep hole) and the door can withstand the heat of huge volume of fire for at least ten hours. The stair cases also have the 24 hours lighting facility. Even if fire breaks out in a floor beyond the reach of rescue ladders of fire fighting vehicle; it is assumed that after containing the fire, the fire resistant doors can provide sufficient time to the occupants of IDB Bhaban to have a safe pass through the stairs from 19th floor to the ground floor. In addition, both the staircases have got lighting facilities by IPS (Instant Power Supply) for duration of 2 hours in case of power failure from both DESCO & stand-by generator